"A striking duo (Alejandra and Janelle) have done it again and again, successfully creating a statement of the own within the complex world engulfed in corrupted preachers with hypocritical tendencies. CocoVera does an elegant job at calling them out with grace."

                               -Teri Gender Bender

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CocoVera is made up of two humans and three cats. The humans are: Alejandra Robles Luna (Le Butcherettes, The Menstruators) from Monterrey, Mexico and Janelle Leigh Obert (No Girlfriends, Stars at Night)  from Toledo, Ohio. This unlikely pair, with dramatically different backgrounds, team up to make bass-driven, Avant-Garde rock songs that are meant to make you feel, anything really. The cats are Coco, Vera and Paco. Paco was obviously added after the name was created and he is compensated with extra freeze dried salmon every meal. The duo has started concentrating more on visuals, to accompany their cinematic rock. They have an affinity for all things blacklight, miniature and stop-motion; the more psychedelic the better. If you happen to hear their music, or see their visuals just know that the cats are the masterminds behind all of it.